Exodus 20:1-6, 1 Thessalonians 1:9, Jeremiah 4:1, Jeremiah 16:18

I have felt conviction this week to address how God detests the worship of idols.  When God gave the ten commandments, the first commandment was (and is) that there should be no other gods, only God.  The second commandment was (and is) that no one should make and worship an idol.

In case there are those that think idols are little mentioned in the Bible, think again.  I searched NIV text for, “idol” in Biblegateway.com, and got over 200 hits!

If you check out Biblegateway.com for yourself, you’ll notice a lot of “idol” entries in Jeremiah.  Jeremiah 4:1 and 16:18 stood out to me.  In 4:1, God wanted detestable idols out of His sight.  And in Jeremiah 16:18, He said that vile images were defiling His land.

Since God doesn’t change, he still detests idols.  This week, I randomly came across at least two verses about idols.  One was in Jeremiah and the other was 1 Thessalonians 1:9.

Worshipping false lifeless idols is wrong!  Worshipping the TRUE LIVING GOD is the only way to go, folks.