Genesis 37:1-36, 41:41, 1 Samuel 16: 1-13, 17:1-29

In studying the story of David’s life, I discovered similarities between Joseph and David:

1. They were both young (David was the youngest and save Benjamin, Joseph was the youngest.)

2. Both were visibly set apart (Joseph had a colorful coat and David was anointed by Samuel with his brothers nearby.)

3. Both were sent out to their brothers to check on them. (Joseph was sent by Jacob to see how his brothers and flocks were doing.  David was sent by Jesse to see how his brothers were doing.)

4. They both had a lot of brothers (Joseph had 11 and David had 7.)

5. Joseph had jealous brothers and David probably did too. (Some of Joseph’s brothers threw him into a cistern and then sold him.  And I don’t know what David’s relationship was with his brothers before he was anointed, but it couldn’t have made them feel great to hear Samuel say that God hadn’t chosen them.  Later, David’s oldest brother spoke angrily to him.  I assume it stemmed from jealousy.)

6. God gave each of them success. (Joseph was in charge of Egypt and David was king.)

Isn’t it something to think that they are both gone from earth but both in heaven?