John 11, Luke 24:50-53

In studying Bethel last week, I got interested in Bethany (raising of Lazarus was there and the ascension of Jesus was near there), and remembered a dream I had.  On Wednesday, January 14, 2009 (almost two years to the day), I dreamt that someone excitedly told me that Jesus was in Bethany.  Of course I was VERY excited too!  I said that was just 20 minutes away and that I needed to tell people about Him.  I didn’t know this at the time, but John let me know that Jesus ascended near Bethany.  In addition to that dream, there was a moment in another dream I had that lead me to think Jesus may return in 20 years (from 2009).  That would be 2029.

If the thought of Jesus coming back in 2029 thrills you, great!  However, if you aren’t saved and the thought scares you, get right with Him.  God really loves you and wants to help you, but he can’t allow sin into Heaven.  Go to a quiet place, get on your knees, sincerely ask for forgiveness, and ask Jesus to come into your heart.  If you do that, then as time marches on, ask for forgiveness whenever you stumble, read God’s word, pray earnestly, and live a life that pleases God.

We’re on Earth right now but whenever our time comes, the way we live our lives will determine whether we go to Heaven or Hell.  Both places are real.

Let me ask you something.  Have you ever seen redwood trees, the Grand Canyon, Niagra Falls or a mountain?  God in Heaven is the same God that made all of those things.  We’ve all been wowed by His creation on Earth, but don’t you want to see where God lives someday?  He’s on His throne and lives in a perfect place.  God made a lot of beautiful places for us to see, but this Earth doesn’t last forever and corruption abounds.

Time will tell if Jesus will come in 2029.  I felt led to share my dream with you.  Please get ready for Jesus’ return!  If you’re ready when Jesus comes, He will take you to Heaven, an awesome place where God won’t settle for less than perfect.

Romans 10:13

John 14:1-4