Philippians 2:14-16, Revelation 14:14

This is the last day of 2010 and many are trying to come up with resolutions for 2011.  I propose a resolution for a religious revolution within and hopefully beyond.

The Bible is full of instruction of how to live for God.  We know that putting God’s word in our hearts pleases God, so let’s start the New Year by picking a verse to live by, memorizing it, and then encouraging someone close to you to memorize it too.  Saying it at the beginning of the day and trying to apply it throughout the day will help us focus on God and help to shut out the “noise” of the world.

This year and before, I tried to keep from being polluted by the world.  In the coming year, I want to continue to do that, but to also challenge myself not to complain and be more thankful.

My dad once told me that he never heard his mom complain.  That inspires me.  With recent complaints, I’ve tried to imagine myself before God’s throne complaining about whatever it is at the moment.  When I do this, it puts things in perspective and I feel wrong for complaining.

So the above Philippians verse will be my chosen verse for the year.  How much time can we gain in our days if we stop complaining?  We can spend too much time rehashing irritating moments.  Let’s choose to make better use of our time.  If we all pick a Bible verse to live by as a starting point with the goal being to mesh more and more verses into our daily living, the result could be infectious to those around us.  And even if it’s not, our mission here on earth is to live for God and everything done for God is never in vain.

Too many people go happily down the sin slide.  Be different!  Jesus could come in 2011.  Try not to get caught in a stupid moment.  If we reprogram ourselves, we can be ready for Him.  We know he’s not coming as a baby this time…He’s coming with a sickle.