Raising young kids has challenged us to rethink some things.  For instance, our seven-year-old daughter has lost several “baby” teeth and another one is loose.  I told her that the tooth fairy would soon come and put some money under her pillow.  With a sincere look on her face, she asked me where the tooth fairy lived.  When I didn’t answer right away, she said, “With the angels?”  We have discouraged lying in our house, so I confessed the truth.  The look on her face changed to disgust.  She had believed what we said.

Speaking of kids believing what their parents say, today I heard a mom on the radio explaining how she helps her kids believe in Jesus and Santa.  They have a birthday cake for Jesus, and then they set out a piece of Jesus’ cake for Santa.  Say what?  Why mix the real Jesus with a fictional Santa?  And why should the real Jesus have to share his birthday with a made-up magical man.  Do you have to share a birthday with anyone?  A lot of people don’t.  After the loving sacrifice Jesus made for us all, it seems right that the living, nail-scarred Jesus should be very entitled to have December 25th (chosen date to celebrate his birth though not the actual date of his birth), all to Himself.  Maybe St. Nicholas can be remembered at another date, much like other historical figures that were respectable individuals, but all dead.

So, as for us and our house, Jesus is the reason for the season.  Merry Christmas to you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESUS!