Judges 14:5-9, 16

Samson chose not to tell his mom and dad several things.  He didn’t tell them that he tore a lion apart.  He didn’t tell them where he got the honey he gave them.  And he didn’t tell them the answer to the riddle.

We know that Samson didn’t tell Delilah about the secret of his strength until she nagged him for the answer.  We get why he kept that secret for so long.

I found a satisfactory answer for why he kept the honey secret in Liberty Bible Commentary.  It says, “…By eating the honey, Samson deliberately broke one aspect of his Nazirite vow; for he was not to touch a corpse.  This is the reason he did not tell his parents the source of this gift he made to them.”

So since Samson wasn’t supposed to touch a corpse, that would explain not only why he didn’t tell his parents where the honey came from, but also why he didn’t share the secret of the honey/lion riddle with them.

Samson’s parents seemed like caring parents who knew their son was special.  Since he was secretive and didn’t tell them he tore a lion apart, I’m curious when they first learned of his strength.  Maybe as Samson grew they saw that God gave him the gift of strength.