We know that donkeys were used as transportation in the Bible.  Camels were used as transportation too.  In Genesis, we read that Rebekah got a camel ride.  Have you experienced a camel ride?  My family and I got to ride a camel at a zoo.  It’s something you don’t forget.  Anyway, Abraham’s servant took ten camels with him to find a wife for Isaac, and she (Rebekah) not only gave him a drink, but the camels as well (Genesis 24:10-61).

From http://www.calacademy.org/exhibits/africa/exhibit/sahara/tuareg/3.htm:

A very thirsty camel-such as one just off a long, hot caravan-can gulp 35 gallons (135 1) of water in six minutes. One record-holding camel drank more than 50 gallons (200 1) in one day.

So Rebekah would have been very busy trying to get enough well water in her jar to satisfy ten thirsty camels!  If each camel had 35 gallons of water, she would have had to draw 350 gallons of water!

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