Genesis 37: 12-36, 41:50-52, Genesis 48

When a man told Joseph his brothers were near Dothan, Joseph went there.  When he arrived, his brothers threw him into the empty cistern in the desert.  I wonder how far he fell and if he got injured.  Without his robe, he could have gotten scraped up a bit and/or maybe he injured one or both of his feet from the impact.  He was probably injured in some way, so he could have looked a little beat up to the Ishmaelites who bought him.

I find it fascinating that when Joseph’s firstborn, Manasseh, acquired territory, he got Dothan and the surrounding land (Thompson Chain-Reference Bible on Map 4).  Therefore, he must have also acquired the cistern his dad was thrown into years before.  Do you think he might have used it to tell his dad’s story?