Genesis 30:24-35:18

I don’t know what the age difference was between Joseph and Benjamin.  All I know is that, after Jacob’s flocks increase, after Jacob and his family flee from Laban, after Laban pursues Jacob, after Laban sees his grandchildren and returns home, after Jacob prepares to meet Esau, after Jacob wrestles with God, after Jacob meets Esau, after the situation with Dinah and the Shechemites, after Jacob returns to Bethel and receives his new name Israel, then, as they were moving on from Bethel, Rachel gave birth to Benjamin with great difficulty.

I wonder if the traveling was too much for her and if she went into early labor.  As she was dying she was no doubt saddened that she couldn’t experience Benjamin growing up.  Likewise, with no cameras back then, Benjamin wouldn’t have any pictures of her to see later on.

I also wonder if Laban found out he had another grandchild through Rachel.